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Before this day ends I must acknowledge one simple thing that I’ve learned since my journey as an entrepreneur began in 2009…the beauty of supporting and empowering one another as women is the secret to our success.✊
Yet media puts the spotlight on the drama of women tearing one another down. Why?! Let’s focus on the positive & eliminate the negative! 🙅
I’ll start and do my part by sharing a #WEW post: Women Empowering Women…& yes it’s Wednesday so I’m sure Women Entrepreneurs Wednesday can apply just the same.💁
My first spotlight goes to @brandspecificmedia.
Please check her out and Follow! 🏃👣

Sharing this thought in honor of my other half…
“I believe you” are the most powerful words you can say to someone with an invisible illness.

Be supportive. Be patient. And most of all, show your unconditional love and care.
We may not see or feel their pain, but it is very real.

How do you help a loved one who is ill?

#osteonecrosis #asthma #COPD #chronicpain #invisibleillness #focuscision #husbandandwifeforlife


EXPO wants to share an exciting opportunity for members to get their hands on products from TWO different COVERGIRL lines.To apply for your chance to snag a ton of products for free, just sign upfor the EXPO community at and hang tight! An invitation to apply will be headed your way. Once you’ve received your invitation, fill out the short survey to see if you qualify. If you’re a fit,…

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Nail Art Design Strips

Nail Art Design Strips

Hi Beauties!

If you’ve never tried design strips for your nails, you’re missing out!  I was, until recently.  Having seen them everywhere they piqued my curiosity but never enough to actually go for it.  Then I saw Avon had a special so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I chose a nice floral design for accent nails.IMG_1924.JPG

I applied my design strips first before polishing my other nails.  I simply selected…

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Check out the latest from Avon on my eStore

Check out the latest from Avon on my eStore

I recently expanded my horizon… yet again… as a boost to my career… as always. ;-) My mother-in-law joined Avon a few months back and while I have experience in direct sales, I didn’t know much about the company {except for remembering my mother buying Avon when I was little} or their business opportunity. As time passed I would ask my mother-in-law how her business was going. She was happy with…

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